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Futurism city Y2K


MÖKO is an online learning platform created for young digital natives.

We want to help the new generation to communicate confidently and effectively in English.

We believe that being able to speak English allows you to seize opportunities wherever you are in the world.

As the planet becomes more and more borderless, we want to enable every young individual to take part in the journey of building the future.


Redefine Learning

In a modern and fast changing world, we noticed that the Language Learning Platforms were no longer ahead of their time.

The younger generations do not have Language Learning tools and services designed for them. The current models fail to meet their needs, skills and expectations.

If we want to give them the ability to learn English online, we have to provide a service that is tailor made to them.
We achieved this by remodeling the whole English Learning process, combining innovative lessons, format and next-gen features.

Our Learning Method

Futurism city Y2K

Learn to Earn

Learning is expensive and time consuming. MÖKO wants to reward the best and most dedicated students. Everyone that completes the course and progresses to the next level will have a chance to win prizes.

Empower the youth

We believe that building the future requires everyone's minds and ideas. It is essential that everyone communicates together, and for that we need a common language. Teaching English to the youth will allow them to take part in building a better future wherever they are in the world.

MÖKO's mission is to offer students the most innovative tools and learning materials to learn autonomously while providing constant guidance and assistance when they need it.

We want to connect people through language and innovation while remaining accessible and affordable for all.


Our Team

Two lifelong friends and partners, united by their unwavering passion for the MÖKO project, are steering the course towards a brighter future.

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